Are mystery boxes worth the risk?

by - August 02, 2020

During my short time as a collector of all things pop culture I've participated in several 'Mystery boxes' but are they worth it? My answer? no.

There's an increase in mystery boxes in the UK for Loungefly and POP! figures, seemingly brought on by the worldwide pandemic. The boxes have ranged in price from £27.50 to £72.50, all containing one item, ranging from card holder, mini backpack or shoulder bag with some boxes having a chance to win a 'grand prize'. For example: A card holder box had the possibility to also contain a Disney parks Loungefly mini backpack worth £64.50 or a Disney resorts bag that can fetch a couple of hundred pounds on a reselling site.

 The websites draw you in by illustrating the 'top tier' items up for grabs, often only having a 1 or 2 in 200 chance of receiving with other, less desirable items having a 10-15 in 200 chance of being received.

An interesting note to add is that these items usually have a disclaimer that the items should be received in 'New or Good' condition, and no returns will be accepted. Is the 'Mystery box' just a way for businesses to get rid of faulty stock or returns that are damaged?

After a tally on what I spent, all items of which are ones that I wouldn't say I was a fan of, I have now decided that I will no longer be part taking in mystery boxes and from now on only purchasing items I know I will like as i still have my mystery box items sat in a box used and unwanted as no one wants them.

 Have you taken part in a mystery box, Was it worth it and did you like what you received?

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